What Basins are On-Trend for Modern Bathroom Designs in 2022?

What Basins are On-Trend for Modern Bathroom Designs in 2022?

A statement basin is the way to go if you want an on-trend bathroom renovation in 2022. A bathroom basin, along with its tapware, accessories, and vanity, can add a stylish touch to your bathroom by creating a focal point.

But as bathroom basins are available in various designs, colours, and finishes. From organic to square, wall-mounted basins, inset, under-mount, semi-recessed basins, freestanding basins and much much more, choosing your bathroom sink is an overwhelming decision!

Selecting a bathroom basin appropriate for your household’s lifestyles and room layout is critical to successfully completing your bathroom renovations. So, let’s look at six bathroom basins that we have become increasingly dominant in 2021 modern bathroom designs, meaning they are likely to stay on trend for 2022 bathroom renovations!

Vessel Basins

A vessel basin stands entirely on top of your countertop, and as the name implies, is essentially a giant bowl, so it’s a perfect choice if you want a deep basin that can store a lot of water.

Unlike most countertop basins, which display a portion of the basin, vessel basins command attention and are an excellent way to make a statement in your modern bathroom design.

Although vessel basins still have their negatives, because of the basin height, careful planning of the bench height and the cabinets are required to ensure that the basin does not end up being too high and uncomfortable for users.

Although this is no worry for Novalé clients – from bathroom renovations Alexandria to bathroom renovations Newcastle – our skilled bathroom designers can ensure custom placement for all bathroom aspects tailored to the specific heights of household members!



Circular Countertop Basins

Although vessel basins make a stunning statement in a modern bathroom design, this mount has a few negatives. However, if you are set on the curvy and round trend, a surface mount basin could be for you as this basin shape offers a plethora of options and benefits!

Circular countertop basins are lovely for showcasing exquisite design features because the entire basin is exposed, making them ideal statement pieces. Countertop basins also provide more options for tap placement to ensure a more comfortable height for homeowners than conventional basins since they sit on top of the counter. Plus, in the case of bigger bowl sizes, they give a far better wash area.

A round above-counter basin exudes modern opulence with a simple and elegant appearance, creating a forceful yet subtle design statement. Like the basin in this bathroom renovation Redfern, soft curves give a spa-like atmosphere to a space when paired with a minimalist style and neutral tones.



Coloured Sinks

With roots in mid-century retro, the coloured sinks from the ’70s are coming back in trend! 2022 is the year that coloured and bold accents make a comeback, adding some visual appeal to modern bathroom designs. However, your bathroom basin does not have to be super bright, just like in this Yattalunga, Central Coast bathroom renovation, which complements the warmer tones of the timber vanity with a warm bowl basin, taking neutral minimalism to all new heights.



To Match the Bright Sinks, Tapware and Accessories will Also Trend in Unconventional Colours

Forget about chrome as your only option; there are now so many stylish colours and finishes to choose from! Chrome has long been the most popular option for bathroom faucets and other accessories, but designers now favour warm metals like copper, bronze, brass, and nickel for taps and accessories.

Warm metal tones work well in practically every bathroom colour scheme. There are so many different designs that you can discover items that will fit with anything from an industrial bathroom to a timeless, vintage, or ultra-modern bathroom renovation.

It’s time to transform your drab faucet ware into a work of art! Tapware, in any case, is no longer in the background; they’re here to make a statement in modern bathroom designs, just like the gold embellishments in this Kurrajong Heights, Central Coast bathroom renovation.



Most Importantly, Environmentally Conscious Sinks Will Trend

Maybe due to recent international events or just because people are waking up to the necessity of caring for the earth; nevertheless, sustainability is a principle that drives modern bathroom design. Water-saving appliances may take various forms, from installing water-saving taps, toilets, and showers to using sustainable, up-cycled, and recycled bathroom furnishings.

Particularly in trendy areas of Sydney, we have seen the sustainability trend, such as recycled flooring and upcycled basins, be extremely popular such as Redfern bathroom renovations and bathroom renovation Alexandria.


Floating Vanities

Floating sinks are becoming increasingly popular as they improve the usefulness and aesthetics of small bathrooms (particularly powder rooms) in 2022. Clearing the area beneath a sink increases the airiness of a small bathroom renovation and makes the space appear larger.

Floating sinks improve the attractiveness of your bathroom, whether they are constructed of wood, marble, or any other material. Just like the floating vanity in this Redfern bathroom renovation which gives the space a contemporary touch while keeping a pristine area with little to no clutter.



Begin Your Bathroom Renovations with Novalé

Bathroom design trends for 2021 provide many fascinating ways to add colour and visual appeal to a space. The focus on colour and shapes this year, for example, expands the possibilities for creating distinctive, attractive bathrooms that are carefully customised to the homeowners’ likes and lifestyles.

If you’re still undecided about which basin to use in your next bathroom renovation, contact our teams, and we’ll walk you through the process.

Whether you are looking for Bathroom Renovations Alexandria or Bathroom Renovations Newcastle, Novalé’s highly experienced teams are available to help you produce a beautiful and highly functional modern bathroom design in Sydney.

When beginning research on bathroom renovators for your modern bathroom design and renovation project, consider including Novalé Bathrooms in your shortlist. We offer bathroom renovations from Bathroom Renovations Newcastle to Bathroom Renovations Alexandria. For a complete list of the Areas We Service, see here.

Our teams of bathroom renovators are ready to start building you a fantastic modern bathroom design. We implement a unique 4 step bathroom renovation process, and we encourage potential customers to read the 12 reasons to choose Novalé. Additionally, you can read our testimonials and reviews to learn about the experience others have had to renovate with Novalé. For more information on how we transform your bathroom, please get in contact with the Novalé team on 1800 NOVALÉ.

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The Best Ways to Introduce Marble Into Your Bathroom.

The Best Ways to Introduce Marble Into Your Bathroom.

>If you’re looking for a fresh, timeless, and elegant bathroom space you need to include a splash of marble and lucky for you, we have put together the best ways to introduce marble into your bathroom.

Whether that be on your walls, floor or basin area – marble is a must!

The beauty about marble is that you can introduce it to your bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom is so many ways and it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune.

So, sit back, grab a drink and we will talk you through some of the best ways to introduce marble into your bathroom.

Why Opt For a Marble Bathroom?

Marble is the perfect choice when it comes to bathrooms. It compliments every finish, from brushed golds to brushed nickels. The veins work seamlessly to add texture and style to any space.

Additionally, it carries with it the notion of complete luxury and class. Afterall, we all know how expensive it can be but with the latest technology, you can now find your ideal marble at a much lower cost!

Beige Marble Bathroom
Photo Credit: @lifeinno.2

1. Introduce a Marble Floor

A Carrara marble floor is a no brainer when it comes to redesigning your bathroom. Use larger tiles and stick to a lighter hue, such as white marble, creams, and beiges, to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Perhaps you want a fully tiled space (Wetroom)? Make sure you use porcelain tiles as they have better slip resistance rating. You should look for a marble tile with an R rating – this is based upon health and safety tests that deter how slip resist your tiles are.

Marble Floor Bathroom
Photo Credit : @my_oakcliffe_home

2. Create a Marble Shower Wall

Add a touch of marble to your bathroom design, with a marble shower wall in your master bathroom. Using marble as a statement wall will add depth and hotel luxury style to your bathroom.

Whether you have a walk-in shower design or enclosure, make sure you opt for a marble that will enhance your brassware.

Opt for contrasting colours, patterns and textures for a standout effect!

Marble Shower Wall and black brassware
Photo Credit: @va_va_room

Marble Shower Wall
Photo Credit: @livingetc.com

3. Marble Basin

A marble shower wall might be too much marble for your liking. If that’s the case then go for a marble basin. Nothing says opulence quite like marble basin does. Whether that be a marble countertop basin or having a custom-made marble slab top added to your vanity unit.

Marble countertop basin
Marble Round Counter Top Basin Photo Credit:@renovatorstore.com.au

Marble slab
Marble custom-made slab on Vanity Photo credit: @lalightphoto

4. Geometric Marble Floor

If the classic marble veins just don’t do it for you, take a look at the beautiful geometric marble patterns you can introduce to your bathroom.

A little bit bolder than your standard marble, geo marble tiles come is a variety of styles, colours and patterns to fit your own personal preference. We recommend using geo-marble patterns as your bathroom flooring to add interest to your space without overpowering it.

Top tip for those on a budget – You can purchase geometric marble floor stickers to mimic real floor tiles

Photo Credit: @DECORIIAstudio
Green marble
Photo Credit: @studiogabrielle.co.uk

5. Marble Clad Bath Panel

Grey Marble Bath Panel

Tired of looking at your standard tub but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? Why not clad your bath with marble? It’s cost-effective way to include marble whilst spicing up the way your bath looks.

Up the luxury even more by pairing your new bath cladding with beautiful a modern bath shower mixer tap. It will give the ultimate elegant vibe to your space.

6. Introduce a Marble Bath

Traditional Marble Bath
Photo Credit: @houseandgarden.co.uk

A marble bath, as you can imagine, is rather pricey but boy, do they look incredible! Available in darker marble and lighter hues, a freestanding bath is for those who want to create a focal point.

Better suited for those with a larger a space, a marble tub will transform any space.

Modern Marble Bath
Photo Credit: @stoneforest.com

7. Use Marble Wallpaper

Another great design idea is if you want to add marble on a budget and don’t want to commit to tiles, consider marble wallpaper. Paper brands now offer make specially made wallpaper for warm, damp spaces such as the bathroom. Wallpaper works well in small bathrooms such as the downstairs loo because they are a lot less damp and wet compared to the upstairs bathrooms with a shower or bath.

If you’re learning towards marble wallpaper, there are a few things you can do to help maintain the paper:

Ensure you have good ventilation. This could be an extractor fan, keeping the window open slightly during baths & showers.Apply a clear acrylic varnish over the installed wallpaper to boost its resistance to moisture and heat.
Marble blue wallpaper
Photo Credit: @muralswallpaper.com

8. Black Marble Bathroom Design

Leave the white walls behind and create a showstopping space by creating a black and white marble wet room. The dark marble and white veins will create a beautiful stark contrast, perfect for those that love a monochrome look.

The dark backdrop of the marble provides a dramatic canvas for you to add delicate brassware features. We recommend the brushed gold brassware to create a classy, modern room.

Black marble bathroom with brassware
Photo Credit: @blog.thedpages.com

9. White Marble Bathroom

Full White Marble Suite
Photo Credit: @decorpad.com

White has always been one of the most popular choice’s when it comes to bathrooms and it’s no wonder, when it can look this good.

White marble offers a crisp, fresh, and calming feel.

A complete white space, including tiles on the floor, is always a popular choice for those who like a clean, timeless bathroom space.

Using larger tiles in a smaller bathroom will help enhance the space and make it look less cluttered. With fewer grout lines and a larger surface area on the walls and falls will maximise Less grout lines and a larger surface will expand your bathroom.

10. Marble Herringbone Tiles

Herringbone has made a big comeback in the last 12 months and continues to grow in popularity. So, it makes perfect sense to blend two key trends (marble & herringbone) into one beautiful tile.

Marble herringbone tiles are the ideal to create modern splashbacks. Plus, you’ll save money opting for a splash back rather than tiling a full wall.

The tiles will work beautifully, especially when combined with black wall mounted taps.

Marble Herringbone Tiles
Photo Credit: @stylecurator.com.au

How To Clean Marble Tiles?

Marble can scratch and damage easily, so it’s essential that it is cleaned with soft cotton clothes along with mild cleaners and detergents. Avoid strong chemicals on your marble at all costs as they can cause corrosion.

Cleaning Marble tiles

Is Marble to Slippery for a bathroom or Shower?

Marble can be extremely slippery once wet. You can combat slipping hazards by putting a bath rug or bath matt down to cover the floor and avoid any nasty falls. Honed marble, which is marble that has been ground to a smooth, flat surface tends to be less slippery than polished marble floors.

wet and slippy marble tile

We hope you enjoyed the best ways to introduce marble into your bathroom ideas article.

Discover more bathroom interior design ideas here.

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Top 10 Mischievous Elf on The Shelf Bathroom Ideas

Top 10 Mischievous Elf on The Shelf Bathroom Ideas

If you’re looking for some mischievous elf on the shelf bathroom ideas, then you have come to the right place. Get ready for some brilliantly wicked ideas this holiday season.

Parents, it’s that time of year again to drag the naughty Elf on the shelf out of the attack and start to plan his mischievous shenanigans.

For some, thinking of ideas comes naturally but for most after a week or so, you may find yourself running out of ideas. Do not fear, we are here to help you devise the most brilliantly naughty elf on the shelf activities that your little ones will love.

Where Can I Get An Elf On A Shelf?

If you’re new to Elf on a shelf and are ready to take on the almighty challenge (and have some mega fun), you can purchase an elf from many UK retailers including John Lewis, Argos, Ebay or Smyth’s Toy Store’s, for as little as £16.99.

Choose between a girl or boy (or get both) and give them a great name. Buddy & Elfie are our personal favourites!

Top Tip For Parents

Being a parent means you’re extremely busy and I think it’s safe to say it’s easy to forget to move your Elf. Consider setting an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to move your Elf-just in case life gets busy.

Make sure you don’t label the alarm anything too obvious and spoil it for the children.

1. Starting with the classic, Elf Wraps the Toilet

Kicking off with a tame one, wrapping up your entire toilet seat and pop your Elf proudly on the cistern. This should only take around 5-10 mins (if that) and your children will love it in the morning!

wrapped up toilet seat

2. Elf’s Toilet Tissue Turmoil

If you really want to shock the kids, purchase the cheapest loo roll you can find and let the tissue turmoil unfold. Cover as much as the room as you can, drape it from the lights, cover the floor and loo until no piece of furniture is left untouched.

Toilet tissue turmoil
Photo Credit: bollingwith5

3. Toothpaste Graffiti

Use toothpaste and leave a naughty or nice message on the bathroom mirror. Frame your Elf by leaving them sat on your basin holding the toothpaste tube. You can use this trick to encourage your little ones to brush their teeth, or just use it as an opportunity to make them laugh early in the morning.

Here are some message ideas

‘Hey ______ remember to brush your teeth! Love Elfie!’

‘Good morning ___ & ___!’

‘Sorry about the mess – I was bored, Love Elfie!’

‘Elves Rule!’

Elf with toothpaste
Photo Credit – Michelle Rowan

4. Buddy the Elf Goes Fishing

 Moving back to the tamer ideas, fill up your basin sink with water and makeshift a little fishing rod with a toothpick and a piece of string. Add in some plastic fish/ fish toys to make it look like he’s had a fun fishing trip during the night.

elf goes fishing in basin
Photo credit: becoming-family.com

5. Elf Goes to The Toilet

We now go on to abhorrent territory with the ultimate shock factor… Elf uses the toilet! (DU DU DUUU!) Take your Elf and place him/her on the toilet seat. Use paper and chocolate chips to stage a graphic toilet incident.

Elf goes to the toilet
Photo credit- onecrazyhouse.com

6. Elf Has a Shave

Use existing shaving foam or purchase a cheap one from your local supermarket and amuse the kids with a staged Buddy/Eflie attempting to shave. Cover Elf’s lower face with cream/foam and leave the razor in the hands of your naughty house Elf.  

Elf has a shave
Photo credit: Buzzfeed

7. Elf Takes a Balloon Bath

Hygiene is something Elf’s take very seriously. So why not run him a lovely, calm, and soothing balloon bath? Blow up as many balloons as you can and fill the entire tub. Leave buddy/Elfie with him arms behind his head, in the ultimate ‘chill’ position, laid on top of one of the balloons.

Not only will the kids love the idea, but they’ll also have plenty of fun playing with all the balloons!

Elf balloon bath
Photo Credit -elfontheshelf.com

8. Elf Tries to Floss

This is an idea for the evenings when you can’t bring yourself to mess up the house.

Get some teeth floss, tangle It around your Elf and leave it on the basin sink for your children to discover!

Leave a little note from your Elf stating that he/she attempted to floss – simple but very effective!

Elf does the floss
Photo Credit – elfontheshelf.com

9. Tissue Flakes

You’ll need to leave this one until you have some spare time and the energy to be creative…

Use some cheap rolls of toilet tissue to create tissue flakes and leave them around the bathroom, you can create as many as you like. Go wild and cover the room or take the less messy approach and create a chain of them running from the toilet holder to the floor.

Place your Elf on the toilet roll holder with the scissors nearby, framing him/ her for the mess!

Photo Credit – Diana Duenwald

10. The Elf on Shelf Bathroom Swing Idea

Welcome your Elf back with a bang on the 1st of December by creating your own Elf swing. Create a swing in the doorway of your bathroom, with an empty loo roll as the seat. Place the Elf on the swing seat with a note saying, ‘I’m back!’

Elf on a swing
Photo Credit – wordtoyourmotherblog

There we have it! 10 mischievous Elf on the Shelf Ideas for the bathroom. We hope you enjoy the festive season and have a wonderful Christmas!

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